Backstage at YSL: No Lip, Please

Backstage at YSL: No Lip, Please


Rigidness has no place backstage at a fashion show. Why? Because nothing ever goes as planned there, and the universal rule is that the closer it is to showtime, the more radical the shift in direction will be. Take, for example, this week’s Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 show in Paris, where models were all set to walk the runway with deep, velvety purple lips, when it was suddenly decided to wipe off the dark hue and replace it with a sheer peachy-pink gloss. Why the sudden change? Turns out once they saw how the shade looked under the runway lights during rehearsal, it came across as too intense on some models. So poof went the violet lip, and with it the dramatic, vampy mood. In its place: the quiet beauty of a refined ingénue. Oh what a difference one lipstick can make ...view more


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