Iconic Makeup Artist of the Month

Iconic Makeup Artist of the Month


First of all, thank you Viktorija for taking the time to answer our questions.

1. When did you fall in love with makeup? Was it love at first sight or something developed in time?
I had always been surrounded by make up, being that I grew up with a hairstylist mom, was active in theater and dabbled in amateur modeling for fun. But my first serious love affair happened when I got to work for MAC and had an opportunity to truly experience power of transformation and joy on  women's faces when you helped them feel beautiful. Make up is so much more than few brush strokes and I can truly say it gave me purpose.

2. I read about your passion for art and painting in particular. Do you still have time to paint?
I always find time to paint and be creative (I also love scrapbooking and card making, and often include my illustration and painting prints in it). My downtime instead of going out and partying is spent on being creative and it helps me center myself.

3. New York is such a dynamic city and some consider it the capital of fashion industry. Living and working there can be rewarding but also tough. What was the biggest challenge you faced when you first moved there?
Not knowing many people, and realizing that everything I accomplished in previous city I lived in, I had to leave behind, humble myself and start from the beginning. You deal with a lot of rejection and everyone has an opinion about your work and about you, and sometimes they are not very nice. If you want    to survive in this city and in this industry you have to learn to use that energy to grow even stronger, opposed to self destruct.


4. What was your first important job in fashion?
I still remember getting my first ad campaign for a french skin care line, and it ran in W magazine. I just felt like I have finally stepped on the right path and I can do this, after all of that hard work.

5. You once said that you are not a slave to trends. I am not going to ask you about them, but what do you suggest we should wear this winter, when it comes to makeup?
I am really into matte bright lipsticks right now. So pop of color on otherwise polished face, with nice lashes and groomed brows is so chic to me.

6. Do you have any beauty/makeup tips you want to share with our readers? What should every woman do to improve her natural beauty?
Less is more. I can tell you this from experience. I remember my days when I looked like a circus performer, and if I can go back now I would give myself a good scrub. Harder you try to mask some problem area with pound of make up (for example overdrawing your lips with darker pencil) more you are bringing attention to it and end up looking silly. Just because pros say purple cat eye extreme liner is in, you don't have to do it if you are not confident. You can translate trends by making it more refined and simpler version of what is the latest rage.

7. What’s the biggest makeup mistake women make?
Not matching their foundation properly. I often see, what I refer as, floating head. Where face is two and more shades darker than the neck and it gives impression that someone else's head was attached to the different body. I have to stop myself from whipping out sponge and trying to blend it out. So when it comes to foundation ladies (and gentleman) let the pro color match you.

8. Do you have a beauty product that you can’t live without? What five products are always in your personal makeup kit?
I love love Bathina Skin so Soft by Benefit, gel liner by Smashbox, Strobe cream by MAC, Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Make up are to DIE for, all of the loose pigments from Make Up For Ever are my best friends, and Skin Potion primer from Urban Decay are among products I value. I also use make up remover Bioderma and Embriolysse moisturizer a lot. I also recently discovered amazing Sensitive skin care line from Beauti Control, by way of them sponsoring Elle Style360 shows that I was keying.

9. What are your favorite makeup cosmetic brands?
I am big fan of the cosmetic lines mentioned above and always on the lookout for new fresh lines and products I am yet to discover.

10. You have developed your own style. How would you describe your signature look?
Pretty skin I would say. I am more and more leaning toward just very pretty make up that enhances woman's features without changing her. 

11. Where do you take your inspiration from?
From everywhere really. Sometimes shoots have specific themes and I like to research pallets of colors, history, paintings etc. Sometimes I am just inspired by the person face. I can have some set idea in my head and then I arrive on the job and look at the model and see completely different vision. Nothing is ever set in stone.

12. Karl Lagerfeld said “I don’t like standard beauty- there is no beauty without strangeness”. What would you say to that? Do you agree?
Discussing beauty and what one finds beautiful is such complex issue even Lagerfeld's statement warrants a question: "What is strange to you?" I think people wear a set of glassed that are shaped by their own egos, life story and estethic. Trough those glasses they can look at the same thing and see it differently. 26. Some will be enamored and some repulsed. Someone's strangeness can appear to them as picture of mediocrity and then again some can find beauty in something that is simple. Beauty and taste are such abstract concepts. I find beauty in being your own person, having your opinion that is your own regardless of what is popular. Having ability to drown out voices that keep saying how you should think or how you should see and have the courage to say "But emperor has no clothes!"

To find out more about Victorija and her work visit her website: www.viktorijabowers.com




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