Keep your skin moisturized during winter

Keep your skin moisturized during winter


Winter weather with its harsh winds, low temperature and low humidity can cause real damage to the skin, especially on face and hands as they are more exposed. Winter require changes in your normal skin care routine. If you want to retain your youthful look check out our advices below.

A thick cream doesn't necessarily mean great hydration. Use a serum under your cream for better results. They are light, easy to absorb and provide great moisturizing.

Select your cleansers and toners with great care because they can irritate the dry skin. Switch to cream based cleansers and use cold or lukewarm water instead of hot.

The skin on the hands is thin so never go out without gloves to prevent your hands from being de-moisturized. Carry your hand moisturizer with you all the time. It takes less than a minute to apply it and it prevents the irritation, pain and unpleasant appearance of dry hands.

Don't stop using sun creams just because summer has past. The sun is still there and clouds filter out very little UVA and UVB rays. The SPF rating of the cream you use should be at 15 or more.

Exfoliate once a week to cause a burst of cell renewal. Enzyme based exfoliants are better at this time of the year, so forget the regular scrub for a while. Use hydrating masks after every exfoliation.

Try avoiding hot showers and baths because they are torture for dry skin. If you still have to begin your day with a hot shower or end it with a hot bath try to keep it under 10 minutes and moisturize your entire body well. Also. don't use harsh colored soaps and shower gels with fragrances. Try buying mild and natural products.

Avoid harsh winds if your skin is sensitive. A long expose can lead to permanent redness. Moisturize well before and after exposure and use concentrated serums under the cream.

Lips are maybe the most sensitive part of your face and are easily affected by the cold weather. It's time to invest in a very good, natural lip balm. Look for ones that are rich in Vitamin E, containing cocoa butter and natural oils. Flavors, funky colors and perfumes might be tempting but remember it's not the best option. They can do more worse than good.

If it's not hot outside you might be tempted to reduce the amount of water you drink. Try to stay hydrated and drink enough fluids. Unfortunately there is not a magic number. Your body might differ from another so you should estimate how much fluids to drink every day. Coffee and black tea doesn't count but there are still alternatives like natural fruit teas, natural fruit juices, green tea etc. But above all is the water.


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