How to Transform a Sweater


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I got rid of so much stuff and also went through all my clothes and I can tell you, I had some weird things in my closet.

So, I decided to transform some of my old stuff into something that I will actually wear.

Here is the first sweater I chopped up :)

I bought it a while back and don't know what I was thinking. Lets see, I am an A-shape, that means I have to emphasize my top half and my small waist to balance out my wide hips.

But that sweater was doing nothing for me, and made me look like I have no shape at all.

This is actually the perfect sweater for the I-shape or O-shape (more on the different shapes soon!)

Here is what you'll need:

♥ oversized sweater
♥ thick yarn
♥ large needle
♥ pretty fabric (I used an old sheet)
♥ scissors
♥ measuring tape

First I put it on and marked with a pin how long I wanted it in the front.

Then I laid it sideways (see above) on a table and cut it, so the front is short and the back is a little longer.

PS. Keep the bottom part you cut off for next weeks DIY project :)

Then I used a blanket stitch around the bottom edge.

After that I decided to add a little chestpocket to draw more attention to my top half (hint the A-shape)

I measure it 4 inches wide and 5 inches high to the bottom triangle.

Tip: I love to rip woven fabric instead of cutting it, to get that fringed look.

Then I pinned to where I wanted it to be.

And used the blanket stitch to attach it.

Voila! Done! :)

I am so in love with cropped sweater right now.

There will be a couple more sweater transforming DIY projects coming, so come back and tell all your friends about it :)

♥ Erika


When you become a praent, it seems that a set of blinders falls off and you have many new insights. Best wishes for your continued adventures in praenthood, Jeff, and thank you for sharing your thoughts, which reminded me of my early praenting days.
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