Shea Dresses

Shea Dresses


Shea Dresses is a brand that decided to concentrate mainly on dresses in order to inspire women to put forward their innate femininity and grace. The dress is the most fascinating item in a woman’s wardrobe, it has the power to potentiate the feminine charm and bring out the best version of a woman.

In their collections you will find the designer’s usual stance: romantic, floaty, feminine and sensual. Their dresses are a mix of something modern with something vintage with something couture. The fabrics they use are generally natural fibres, soft and fine, the kind of fabrics you would love to have on your skin. For eveningwear, which is a segment they particularly focus on, they use sheer fabrics, wrinkled textures, frills and multiple layering. The palette is of soft tones and pastels with accents of black.

In the studio they dedicate attention to each detail of every dress, trying to obtain the best formula of cut, fabric and colour, creating a design that will hopefully become somebody’s favourite dress.

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OMG Orn!!! Those are amazingly cute!!Once again you have teoppd yourself.You never cease to amaze me .Rosa would like you to shoot at her sisters baby shower..Keep up the good work!!You are my idol.. lol )
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