So luxurious, so organic, so ethical

So luxurious, so organic, so ethical


During the past few years, the fashion industry has been making efforts to embrace a new trend called: eco friendly, organic fashion or green trend. Everything that we buy from clothes to bags and other accessories can be harmful to the environment and to us. Furthermore, people that make our clothes often work in terrible conditions, sometimes minors who work long and hard hours for very little money. We all know that this cannot go on forever and that our planet is getting tired of all the chemicals and pesticides that we use on our crops. For instance, cotton is number one most pesticides heavily sprayed crop in the world ( 22% of all pesticides used in agriculture are used on cotton fields ). Hence use of organic cotton becomes obligatory. STEP (Sustainable Technology Education Product) defines eco-fashion as clothes “that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry.”

We need to think ahead and start taking responsibility. Consumers should start buying only clothes that use eco friendly fabrics and should ensure that no one has been exploited, no child labor has been used and that everyone has been paid fair. Designers should become environmentally conscious and should use their influence to make awareness. A pioneer in eco-fashion movement is designer Linda Loudermilk who has spearheaded the creation of a new, luxury eco lifestyle. Another designer that makes a difference in the fashion world is Stella McCartney. Not only that she uses organic products but she also disapproves the use of leather and fur. She believes that there are many alternatives we can use. And there are. Her products are responsible and they are meant for everyone that wants to take responsibility. Lizzie Parker, Viviene Westwood, Rogan Gregory, Camilla Norrback, Aaron Chang, Lara Miller, Aiden Dinh and Suzi Johnson are just a few other designer names who create fashionable, sustainable and stylish clothes and encourage ethical consumerism.

Not long ago, ethical fashion wasn’t very trendy and not at all luxurious. Who wanted to wear something that looked rough, unflattering and unappealing? This kinds of outfits were left to eco warriors. But designers have proven that we can adapt an organic lifestyle without forgoing luxury. All the new alternatives like soybean, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, corn and many other produce biodegradable, light and soft fabrics that look extremely fashionable and luxurious. Green clothing doesn’t have to be dull and old fashioned. American Apparel, Levi Strauss, Jonano, Veronique Miljkovitch, Myco Anna, Rawganique, REI and more other brands are offering us clothes that flatter our bodies and help preserve this unique planet we call home.

All in all, media should promote eco friendly initiatives and environmental businesses. We all have to ensure that every stage of production is not only environmental friendly but also ethical. Even though eco fashion industry is still in the beginning and people aren’t yet ready to pay more for organic fabrics fortunately they will be soon and this will help fashion designers using sustainable materials and processes. Care should be an extension of our lifestyle. Are you wearing your convictions in style?


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