The Nouveau Gypsies


The gypsy bohemian girl is passionate and free-spirited. She is romantic, peaceful, alive, creative and has a strange innocence. This is not a trend and it won't fade in time. It's more like a state of mind, the expression of a free spirit, a tribute to the gypsy culture with obvious hippie influences. The fashion world was not interested in the gypsy culture until the late 60's when a look that allowed people to express themselves was developed. Back them it was called "hippie" or "boho". “Bohemian” was a common term for "roma" people" of France.

Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy by martinitime featuring chain jewelry

Floral prints, lace, skimming skirts, colorful scarves, billowing sleeves, large earrings, gold angles and beaded jewelry transformed fashion into a huge playground. John Galliano often took inspiration from gypsies. Anna Sui, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci created mesmerizing clothes embracing the gypsy fashion sense and Alexandre Herchcovitch launched the Royal Gypsy Trend for FW201. The gypsy style, although lyrical and ecstatic is intriguing because this ethnic minority suffered large-scale persecutions and discrimination in Europe, during the past centuries. Fashion is not only pure aesthetics. Fashion could and should get involved in politics and "showing a piece of their culture in our fashion is important to start creating a closer link with them" said Pierluigi Mancinelli in 1980. Women all over the world adore this flamboyant and feminine style, the vibrant colors, the mix of patterns, the exotic touch and carefree feeling of this hybrid culture.

This nomadic escapism can be seen in many forms of art, not only in fashion. Some good examples would be the paintings of Augustus John, Jean-François Portaels, Karl Gun, Benedict Masson, Anton Brentano, the poetry of John Clare, called the "peasant-poet" and the fiction of D.H. Lawrence (The Virgin and the Gypsy). Gypsies also inspired Victor Hugo to create Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Bizet to create Carmen, Vita Sackville West-Pepita, Joane Harris-Roux, George Borrow -Jasper Petulengro, and the list could go on and on.

Gypsies are icons of freedom and they will always be an inspiration for artists for their exotic looks and the allure of mystery. If you are a sensual and free spirited girl dare to take this boho to the max. Mix patterns, materials, colors and layers. Accessorize with bangles (wooden or gold) and necklaces and don't forget the flowing chiffons with gypsy motifs. As for the shoes, definitely boots or sandals. For your hair try loose curls bound with scarves or other bohemian hair-pieces. Let your hair flow naturally, don't try to make it stand still. There are no rules just listen to your heart and it will work perfect.

The Gypsy

The Gypsy by anniecy featuring antique jewelry

Gypsy by eidin featuring short sleeve shirts
urban gypsy

urban gypsy by nikkeeb featuring a v neck cardigan
Summer Gypsy Breeze

Summer Gypsy Breeze by queen-aldivel featuring ankle length skirts
It's Witchcraft

It's Witchcraft by sourcat featuring flare jeans

Gitana... by lisak featuring cross jewelry
boholicious contest - join

boholicious contest - join by karineminzonwilson featuring flat sandals
gypsy chic

gypsy chic by karineminzonwilson featuring owl jewelry

Gypsy by theoriginalpeapod featuring clutch hand bags
urban gypsy

urban gypsy by giuliabday2309 featuring a fringe vest
Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy by dori2dor featuring a yellow silk shirt

gYpsy by jill-is-m featuring wood jewelry
The Spell And The Gypsy

The Spell And The Gypsy by phishwalkin featuring a wide brim fedora

Gypsy by nefri-black featuring summer scarves


I never knew your site existed, until you inveitd me on instagram today. You and I share the great love of fashion with authenticy, culture, hippy come hobo with a chic classic that is later vintage OMG you are so talented and am happy for you and how successful you have been. If possible I woul love to exchange some ideas with you, I probably will ask more questions from you as you have made it to where I want to be. I'm currently living in South Africa and want to open my own Botique and have been shopping around, identifying what style I would like to offer my clients. And you not only combine Boho chic but also your Indian culture and some African influence in your pieces I do look forward to hearing from you soon Definitely placing an order cause I want everything Lol Kind regardsBusie
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