Trendy Dandy

Trendy Dandy


“One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art” Oscar Wilde

Some people belive that dandyism is something similar to the modern-day metrosexual but dandyism was about adopting an aristrocratic aura. The dandys were concerned about perfecting their atitude and not about eyebrows plucking. Dandy meaned refined, exclusivist, bohemian, gallant, flamboyant and introduced one sure way to shine. Dandys made from aesthetics a living religion, they cultivated the idea of beauty in their own person trying to demostrate the aristrocratic superiority of their mind. The word “dandy”, “dandyess” or “dandizette” for females, meaning “refined” was very popular during the Napoleonic Wars but Christian Dior and Gyvenchy made it popular today by introducing a new form of dandysm meaning “living in style”. It is considered a new trend for high class girls, encouraging them to be sublime and classy and to inspire a lavish elegance. This trend is a celebration of androgynism and it’s not only for men. So, don’t be afraid to look aristrocratic. Gloves, bow ties, brocade, silk and velvet dresses, hats, pocket watches, clutches made of luxurious fabrics…all these should be in your wardrobe. If you want to dress to impress try to go with bohemian tones, such as dark, gray shades, earthy tones like browns and neutral.

Don’t be afraid to mix. Different textures can co-exist in the same outfit. Dandysm proved that tulle, silk, satin, fine wool, lace, velvet, brocade, chiffon can create an androgynous look . Also don’t forget the pale, antique colors: rose, ivory and sage. The black tuxedo is the definition of sophistication and combined with layers of pearls it can be the hit of the season, especially if you go with a small-shouldered tuxedo with sexy cuts. Choices to flatter you body abound today. Wrap up your waist with belts, when it comes to skirts…definetely pencils with high heels and of course pin brooches on your scarf-tied blouses or bags to add more charm to your outfit. In order to complete your look, gloves are the ideal accessory whether they are leather or lace so don’t go out bare hands. Opera length gloves will give a fancy flash for a night out.

Last, but not the least, we recommend stripes, pippin toes shoes and riding hats combined with scarves and lavalieres, ribbon trimmed tops, fine knitted pullovers and drapped dresses. Embrace refined luxury with a ruched-sleeved wrap dress or even a handkerchief dress. During the day, you can look alluring with cigarette-legged pants and an oversized belted jacked or a ribbed cardigan.

When it comes to makeup, everything that suits you and gives you an opulent allure should work, from 50’s glam to natural look, smokey eyes or red lips. Givenchy has created a limited make-up collection inspired by 19th century, such as the beauty case designed like a pocket chained watch but when opened up it’s a pink highlighter called Sweet Dandy. It’s the ideal accesory to complete your dandy look and to create a visual delight. Dior Dandy Lady Collection is another great option if you want an elegant, classy look.

Dandysm is back ladyes and gentelman. Take a bow!


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