Young Talents: Andreea Retinschi Interview

Young Talents: Andreea Retinschi Interview


Thank you, Andreea for sharing some of your time and talking to us about your passion.

1. What sparked your interest in photography? How did you end up where you are today?
It was an inexplicable drive for me, I became obsessed with capturing moments. I remember, way before I even picked up a camera, when I was little and I watched cartoons, I used to pretend I had a mini-camera and click photographs of my favorite moments.
I'm still not sure where I am right now. But no matter where I am right now, I got here working very hard. After I finished university, I started working on my portfolio, experimenting with lighting, locations, themes and editing. All of my free time was investing in organizing ideas, shooting and editing.

2. Have you had any formal training in photography and graphic arts?
I took analog photography classes in highschool and I have a 4 year major in photography.

3. What is the most important to you, technique or vision?
There has to be a mix between the two. But maybe vision is important because as long as you have it you can always improve your technique by exercise.

4. How do you feel about the use of Photoshop? Do you think a photographer should use this tool or should rely exclusively on the camera?
Photoshop is indispensable for today's photographer. A camera is just a tool that listens to what you tell it to do, but it has limitations. Sure, you can take photographs where the angle and composition are right, the light is perfect and the model is flawless, then there's not much you need to do. But this is not always the case.

5. Where do you prefer to shoot? Location or studio?
Definitely location. I find studio work a bit repetitive. Locations bring that extra oomph that I'm looking for in my photography.

6. What's the most spectacular place you've ever been for work?
When I think spectacular place I'm thinking of really amazing abandoned mansions where I didn't shoot, but I'd really love to do so one day.

7. To date, which shoot has been your favorite and why?
I find it very hard to choose favorites. The thing with photography is that a lot of the time, your most recent work becomes your favorite and it is biased because you often become charmed with that "new" feeling.

8. What is your main focus when doing a photo shoot?
Finding that connection between the model and the location, creating a story.

9. Funniest incident?
Now I really don't know which one to choose because there were so many. Once I had a photoshoot in front of a beautiful rose bush and while I was taking the photographs, a woman came to steal roses and she practically devastated the setting. Or when I had a model throw an umbrella in the air multiple times and eventually it hit her in the head. Or shooting a nude in an abandoned area, but having unexpected company and having my assistants shield the model with the reflector.

11. As we live in a culture dictated by consumerism, a lot of photographers complain that they have to undermine the artistic perspective of a photo for a more commercial approach. Showing clothes restricts the photography in a way. Does this happen to you?
Of course. Sometimes you have to create the image that the client wants and sometimes that doesn't comply with what you had in mind. But I'm content if that person is happy with the result, and as long as it's still a good photograph.

12. Do you have a mentor or another photographer you admire?
I admire so many photographers and whenever somebody asks me this question I feel I could never really cover all of them and I feel guilty if I don't, so I usually just leave this question unanswered.

13. Best advice for a novice?
Experiment, exercise, experiment. Never feel limited but what you don't have, innovate and substitute instead. You will never learn if you don't try because you feel like you're missing the right equipment, props or models. I've done this mistake, so I know.

Check out more of Andreea's work on her personal site or on Facebook


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